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Brothers Rich Bicycles #01

March 23, 2014

Brothers Rich faithfully restores vintage Raleigh bicycles to their glory of yesteryear. Each bike is refinished and hand-assembled with the utmost of care to ensure a proper restoration to display the character of its time. VISIT THEM AT: [Also see photo published on]


Brothers Rich Bicycles #02

August 17, 2014

Studio photos for Brothers Rich's 'The Charleston' bike being donated to the Emeril Lagasse Foundation. One bonus outdoor photo along the harbor at Canton's Waterfront Park. VISIT THEM AT:


The Maggie Wagon

June 15, 2014

Jason Neal, a Baltimore, MD architect and product designer, restored this vintage cart tricycle to give it a new life on the streets. Once used to haul cargo within a warehouse, it now allows his family and two daughters to travel anywhere three wheels will take them. VISIT HIM AT: